Escapism (The Eternal Nocturnal)

Dew113 - Ouroborus
Dew111 - Whilst Rome burned
Dew110 - 110
Dew109 - Short stories
Dew108 - Last of my kind
Dew107 - Spectrum
Dew106 - Victory (from the jaws of defeat)
Dew102 - Sonic
Dew101 - Mystic
Dew098 - Nasty
Dew097 - Violation
Dew096 - Respite
Dew095 - The alternative
Dew093 - Clarity
Dew091 - Evolution
Dew090 - Voyage of Adonis
Dew087 - MO5
Dew086 - Asylum for the many
Dew085 - Liberty
Dew084 - Arc Surf
Dew083 - Krunch

Rising tide (The Dewc)

Dew081 - Orac
Dew077 - Jedi across the sea
Dew072 - Kenosis
Dew070 - Hard Drug

Continuity (The New Order)

Dew060 - 2-11
Dew058 - Connected
Dew057 - Happitude
Dew055 - KK
Dew050 - H2L
Dew049 - Circus
Dew048 - Music maestro please
Dew047 - WWT
Dew046 - TATTAE
Dew045 - Born under the sign of a Devil
Dew043 - N'Joi the ride
Dew041 - Stand by me
Dew039 - I like noise
Dew037 - Sexual rhythmatic
Dew036 - Speed
Dew034 - Transcendental axe
Dew033 - Rush
Dew032 - DS
Dew031 - NOW
Dew030 - Rollalong anthem
Dew028 - Synth City
Dew027 - Ambience
Dew026 - TIUY
Dew024 - In the ear of the beholder
Dew023 - Future

Experience (Narkotix)

Dew021 - Fricton burnt
Dew020 - Dancing in Cybersex
Dew019 - Playing with dreams
Dew018 - The Sting
Dew017 - Total MindFusion
Dew016 - Uncle Sams on acid
Dew015 - TekNanFem Underground
Dew014 - Ritual Techno
Dew013PT2 - The B-major symphony (part two)
Dew013PT1 - The B-major symphony (part one)
Dew012 - The Outlander suite
Dew011 - Let the music play
Dew010 - Everybody wants to be a DJ
Dew009 - Doing it
Dew008 - Legna
Dew007 - War on the law
Dew006R - The darkest and ruffest (remix)
Dew006 - The darkest and the ruffest
Dew005 - Weyrd: Discuss
Dew004 - The safe
Dew003 - Freedom to dance
Dew002 - AntiClimax
Dew001R - Blu Def

All tunes composed by Narkotix / Jesus Dew

Hardcore - Techno - Gabba - Old Skool DJ:
Xerxes Underground
Connected @ Dielectric
Diehard @ Dielectric
Escape The Gates
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(c) Narkotix 1990-2010.






I've been a DJ since I was 16, playing at various raves and clubs, the most illustrious of which was a couple of spots at Diehard @ the Dielectric club in Leicester. I don't do much these days as I have other things to worry about now, but I still do the odd gig here and there, and I still make it to the occasional rave.

As well as the DJ'ing, it didn't take me long to suss out how to put my own stuff together - being a bit of a techie - and so I've been making tunez as well, since around the age of 20 (a long time ago!) Which was a lot more difficult and far less sophisticated back then than it is today, I might add!!

Anyway... these are my tunez.

The first era was on a 486 using Modedit, producing Amiga-style MODs.

I then progressed to an AWE32 soundcard and a MIDI sequencer (MIDI Orchestrator Pro) for the second era.

For the third era I flirted with Acid Pro and recall playing around with AudioMulch a lot.

Then there was nothing for quite a while, until I suddenly remembered that there was a reason I started working like a madman all those years ago...

The fourth era was born when I went out and purchased a Yamaha MO6 - finally I owned a synth workstation.

And not content with that, the fifth era sees me having migrated to Cubase and a stack of VSTs - usually in preference to the MO6, mostly because Total Recall doesn't work so well :(

As you've probably realised by now, they're not exactly "release quality"! A lot of them aren't even finished, and practically all of them could do with tidying up in one way or another. So bear this in mind - they've not out here because I'm looking for a record deal... they're here because I think they sound cool, and maybe a few other people will do too. (If you are either of them - please get in touch! :)

And just who is Jesus Dew, really?